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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why this Englishman keeps coming to the Crab Capital of the World…

That's what we were wondering... So we asked! Sid Carter from Southampton England is a world traveler, having visited Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Senegal, Zanzibar, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand over the past twenty years. The two times he has traveled to America, he has chosen to come to Crisfield for the Crab Place Crab & Cruise event. And now he's coming again! What keeps him coming back, he says, are the hospitality, the seafood, and the tranquility.

Specifically, Sid says, “I found that the people who attended the Crab & Cruise were very friendly. In fact, the hospitality that I have enjoyed in Crisfield is second to none. And, of course, there is the fishing. I am proud of the fact that on both my visits, I performed immaculately on my head-boat fishing trips and out-caught all of the local anglers!

On my first trip I visited the islands and had my first Maryland crab cake . . . sensational! Seafood in England is very expensive, and I don't get the opportunity to eat crab very often. My first soft crab was a pleasant surprise. On both my previous visits, I have tried all of the Crisfield restaurants and found The Watermen’s in particular a delightful place to eat.

I love Crisfield – its calmness and tranquility... My trip to Crisfield remains one of my most favourite 'foreign adventures!'

So now we know... We think of ourselves as a waterfront community, a resort town, and The Crab Capital of the World, but who knew we're also a “foreign adventure”?!

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